Smartlynx; Platform for location based marketing campaigns & customer experiences.

For Brandowners

Collect data about people and assets over time. This could provide enormous insight into time, motion, logistics, and areas to improve efficiency. Want to know average response times, internal routing paths, or user request locations over time? This could all be easily extracted from the data.

For Retail

I’m standing in the TV section at a big box retailer and my location is picked up, the retailer send a message to my phone asking if I need help, or offering a discount offer for immediate purchase for a TV set. Even better, the retailer could look through my purchase history and recognize what brand I’m more likely to purchase, then make a highly relevant offer.

For public spaces

Virgin Atlantic recently launched iBeacons in London's Heathrow airport to let customers check in without going to a desk. Now, imagine if your flight was delayed and you got a text message offering you a drink around the corner? This is where we get value as a consumer -- it goes beyond a transaction and creates an excellent customer experience.


billion euros market for location based advertising in 2018

77 %

of consumers said they'd be OK with sharing location data in exchange for something of value


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back-end screendumps

“Mobile communication should be the focus in your marketing strategy”

Tjeerd Hoppenbrouwers ( managing director DutchGiraffe )

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